Okay. First off... some random SaGa Frontier information!

The NEW INITDATA.txt. Not finished..
Not quite so new, now, no?

Here are the other INITDATA files--they're FAR from complete, but it's an example of the differences between them:
Random info
A smattering of information with varying degrees of usefulness.
Subsumes a few other files, as well.

Character Status Blocks
An attempt to decode character statistic blocks in memory.

In-battle Status Analysis
As above, but for in-battle statistics.

Monster Equipment and Abilities
Fairly self-explanatory, I should think.

Simplified Character Status Blocks
A simplified version of the above char status file.

Boss Info
A work-in-progress detailing those bosses whose abilities are generated on-the-fly.

Enemy Name Text
A listing of each enemy name and its corresponding hex value.

A listing of each item and its corresponding hex value.

Item weight
What appears to be weight values for each item.

Map values. The address for changing maps is in Random.txt, above.

A listing of each skill and its corresponding hex value.

Linkz! :o
DoomSwell's awesome archive!
Squidhead's equally elite info site!

Ever played Might and Magic III: The Isles of Terra?
Ever played it on Super Nintendo?
Ever notice how the shrines that should increase Personality, increase Intelligence, instead? Well, here is an IPS patch to solve your problems! ^^
And here is the direct link to the readme, by itself.
More to come? !!

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